Preparations are well under way for the All Choirs concert in November. We have made a good start on learning the music, and will soon be able to not simply sing the notes, but create a nuanced performance using dynamics, diction, phrasing, and facial expression.

Sight reading skills must continue to be developed. With that in mind, on Thursday you will need to demonstrate the ability to individually sing the scale by yourself, ascending and descending, using solfege and showing me the Curwen hand signs. A review sheet can be found here.

Please spend a bit of time each day listening to the pieces on Youtube. Links are from this post. And a link to Come to Me, O My Love is right here.

Come to Me, O My Love – We will finish learning the four distinct melodies in this piece and singing them in small group combinations.

I Got the Sun in the Morning – learn notes for measures 34-42, work on transitions between verse and refrain.

What A Wonderful World – Incorporate appropriate dynamics and phrasing. How can we make the song more expressive for the audience?

Life’s Happy Song – learn all notes


Thank you for all your hard work so far!

Concert Choir Goals – Oct. 12-16, 2015

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